Create Your First Fully Automated Passive Income Stream in Just 21 Days

Hi, I'm Niya! Founder and CEO of BizMomLife. I'm excited for you to learn more about how passive income has my changed my life and how it can change yours too - in just 21 days!

Niya Champaneria

Most mom-run businesses fail within 6 months: will yours be one of them?

The #1 reason why most mom-run businesses fail so quickly is due to overwhelm. But I bet you knew that.

You have a fantastic idea for a business or maybe you're already up and running and making money, but you're drowning in the endless tasks and to-do's of every day life and business.

It's not you Momma. You're not alone. It's your business model. At this time in your life, while your kids are young (and actually want you around!), running a dollars-for-hours type of business is just not practical. You need a business model that fits into your mom-life, not one that takes over your life.

No matter what type of business you have, adding a passive income product to your business can mean the difference between barely making ends meet and having more than enough breathing room month after month.

I had to completely change the way I did business after having kids.

Before getting married and having kids, I was a 6-figure entrepreneur, loving life and making plans to travel the world. After my son was born, I almost decided to quit on my dreams of being a successful mom entrepreneur. I had to completely change my business model and rethink the way I approached my time so that I could continue to contribute to my family's financial future.

I decided to build a business, not a JOB

You started your business with big hopes and dreams, but you're now working every position in your business and you barely have time for your kids, your spouse or even yourself.

It feels like your business has taken over your life, and the worst part? You have very little to show for it.

​Time is more precious than money because once spent, you can never get it back - that's why spinning your wheels and trading dollars for hours day in and day out, is just not a sustainable model for you.

When I realized one day that I was working more hours in my business than I ever did in any job I ever had, and making LESS money, I knew something had to change.

I made the biggest decisions of my life

  • I joined a ridiculously expensive, way-out-of-my-budget mastermind group. 
    I knew that if I really wanted things to change, I had to change. I had to change my environment, I had to change my circle of influence, and I had to change now. So I jumped. Best. Decision. Ever.
  • I stopped trading dollars-for-hours.
    I said a sad goodbye to all of my 1:1 clients and invited them instead to join me in my new group coaching programs and membership community. This instantly freed up loads of my time.
  • I discovered the #powerofpassiveincome
    Interestingly enough, I discovered the power of passive income at a real estate investing seminar through my mastermind group. When I started to ask around, ALL of the 7 & 8-figure earners relied heavily on passive income.

My first passive income product was $17 and it literally changed my life

At the time, I was a big fan of planner printables, couldn't get enough of em! So, being fairly creative enough myself, I decided to create my own since I just couldn't find ones that suited my needs. So, I created a batch of planner printables for every area of my business and mom-life. They were working so well for me, I decided to see if anyone else would want them. I put it up on my website in a super basic sales funnel, and 4 days later, my first passive sale came in at 1:33am

I woke up the next morning and damn near cried! I felt like I had found the keys to the Kingdom! That $17 product didn't make me rich, but it did set me in the direction of learning everything I possibly could about online marketing, automated sales funnels and passive income, which led me to learn how to leverage my time, automate my marketing and outsource on any budget.

Now that I knew, I had to let other moms know too.

The more I started to meet other mom entrepreneurs - at meetings, at playdates, at the grocery store - I realized that they were all feeling that same overwhelm, exhaustion, and guilt that I felt when I first started out. 

I started to tell them what I was doing, and soon enough, I birthed my next baby - BizMomLife.

BizMomLife is all about teaching mom entrepreneurs how to create passive income in their businesses so they can spend more time showing their kids the world, and less time worrying about money. 


The 21 Day Passive Income System      

Passive income doesn't have to be a pipe dream anymore. It's not reserved for celebrity marketers or entrepreneurs with lavish lifestyles and no kids. You can easily create passive income in your business in less time than you think.

The 21 Day Passive Income System is a step-by-step video course in which I personally take you by the hand and show you every single step, tool and strategy to have your very own passive income stream up and running in just 21 days.

  1. Map out your products: Not sure what to sell for passive income? No problem. We'll be spending a few days getting crystal clear on who you serve, what they need, and what you can offer.
  2. Get your tech ducks in a row: By far one of the most often asked questions is: what are all the tech pieces I'll need in order to make this work? I've got you covered.
  3. Free and paid traffic: No matter how great your sales funnel, it won't matter if no one knows about it. I'll walk you through less time-consuming, high-impact traffic strategies no matter your budget.

Are You Ready for Freedom + Flexibility?

The 21-Day Passive Income System is the answer to waking up to money in the bank, building the business and life of your dreams, spending more time showing your kids the world, and doing it all without the stress of worrying about money.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Niya Champaneria
Niya Champaneria
Founder, BizMomLife

The Mom Behind the Movement

Being a military wife, mom to 3 boys and a 10 year veteran of entrepreneurship, I know busy. After giving birth to Elias (the toddler who never sleeps), I was knee-deep in post-partum and ready to give up on everything I was working for.

After 2 years of research, learning, networking and implementing, I can finally say, I love my business and life. I work until noon 4 days a week, spend only 20 minutes on social media and take days off of work and still have significant income coming in. Spending time with my son is the most precious gift and I want to give that same gift to you.

Not sure where to start with passive income?

One of the biggest reasons I hear mom entrepreneurs saying is holding them back from creating passive income is that they don't know what to sell. Is that you too? Not to worry Momma! In 21DPIS, I'll walk you through my Product Validation Process that literally takes just 3 days and is one of the most efficient and accurate ways of knowing for SURE what your audience will pay for!

Another big reason that holds mommas back from passive income is that they're not sure what technology they need in order to make this thing work for them. Again, no need to worry! I've got you covered in the tech lesson, where I walk you through (and give you the links to) every single piece of software and/or technology you'll need for a completely automated passive income system.

Think you don't have the time to set this up?

Every video in the 21DPIS course is no longer than 15 minutes and the action steps are broken down into manageable daily objectives. If you've got a few minutes a day, you can do this!

But is this for me?

I know there are tons of options out there for you and as a mom, you're justifiably picky about where you spend your time and money. So, to help you make the right decision, here's who this course is for & not for.

This is for YOU

  • If you have an already established business
  • If you've already sold some products, programs or services 
  • If you have a general idea of who your target market is
  • If you're drowning in to-do's and wish you had more free time
  • If you realize that the 1:1 business model will keep you overwhelmed

NOT for you

  • If you don't have a business yet or just have an idea for a business
  • If you've never sold anything
  • If you already are making tons of passive income
  • If you don't believe in the power of passive income
  • If you don't have any idea what passive income is and want to stay stuck in your current reality

Here's what you'll get when you join 21DPIS

  • 21 Video Lessons - work at your own pace
  • Daily objectives to help you stay on track
  • Private FB Group for direct access to Niya
  • Handouts, checklists and worksheets
  • Resource lists with links to all tools 
  • Tech-walkthroughs so you don't have to guess

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you do the work & participate in the FB Group & don't get your passive income system set up in 21 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

A's to Your Q's

Why should I create passive income?

How much time should I dedicate to this?

How can you guarantee this will work?

What if I don't have a product yet?

How much can I expect to make?

What if I'm not tech-savvy?

P.S.:: Imagine what your life could look like just a month from now when you have passive income coming in. Would you be able to step back and get out of the daily grind of your business and instead work on the business and life of your dreams? Would you be able to say YES to hanging out with your kids without feeling guilty that work isn't getting done? Would you finally feel confident that you're working towards a freedom-based business and lifestyle? Momma, your kids are young and this chapter in your life won't last forever. It's so important that we as parents are present for our kids in the most happy, healthy and fulfilled way possible. Passive income can make that happen.

Looking forward to connecting with you and wishing you loads of passive income!

Yes, I want to start making passive income now!