Managing your time is a waste of time. Manage your focus & priorities instead.

You're busy. I get it! You're a mom, you're an entrepreneur, you’re a daughter, you’re a sister, you’re a friend, you wear a lot of hats. As a military wife, my husband is gone a lot, I have three boys and two business, so I absolutely understand being busy! But here's the thing. Time is your most precious asset and we only have 24 hours in a day, same as everybody else. So it's not so much about managing your time, it's about managing your priorities and your focus. What you are focusing on in the time that you do have, that's really what makes you productive. All this busy work that you've got going on isn't really productive as there's a big difference between busy work and productive work. So on today's episode of BizMomTV, I want to give you three tips that you can use right now to really manage your focus.

It's not about managing your time, it's about managing your focus.

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Number one is to write out your priorities for this year. You might already know your general life priorities, but each year is different and things change as we move along. So think about what your priorities are this year and then bring it in a little closer. What's your priority for this quarter? And then you can break it down even further and from there figure out what your goals are for this month. Your goals for this month should align with your quarterly priorities, which align with your annual priorities. Remember, if you don't know what you're working towards than you won’t ever know what to work on! You’ll instead be working on everything and things that don’t matter that don't get you closer to achieving your dreams.

If you don't know what you're working towards, you'll never be clear on what to work on!

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The second thing is to know and identify your revenue generating activities in your business. What are the things in your business that actually have a return on investment? A lot of things that you're doing in your business aren't really bringing in any revenue. It might be things that other people could be doing for you or things that you could be delegating or outsourcing. Your time as the C.E.O. of your business is very very valuable. So what are the revenue generating activities in your business? It could be things like outreach, working with clients, making some sales calls, doing client work. You might be trying to make strategic alliances within your industry so that you know who you can reach out to when it's time to promote something. The key here is to make sure that when you do have time to work between all the other stuff that you're doing you should be focusing only on your revenue generating activities. And once those things are done then you can do the other stuff. You should actually schedule time in your calendar so you have time blocks in your schedule for each of your priorities. Then in your business time block you're going to schedule in your revenue generating activities. Once you have these revenue generating activities, all of these activities can be broken down into ten minute tasks. So I don't know about you but I have about ten minutes here and there on most days in between getting the kids ready for school or doing the laundry, etc. In those ten minutes you could create a blog title for your blog post, you could respond to comments on social media, you could send out an email to a potential J.V. partner, easy little things that make a big difference. This way, every day you can chip away at your revenue generating activities and bigger projects. Think about what you can do in small increments of time.


Number three, I want you to be very very clear with your family. They need to understand your schedule, they need to understand what time you need, because if you just sit there and say “oh my gosh my family never gives me any time to work on my business, I never have time”, you’re still not going to get any time right? You have to do something about it! You have to be clear with your family on what time you need and what hours you need and be specific! A great little tip is to download the Google calendar app on your family members’ phones. Now I share my calendar with my husband so he always knows when I have something going on in my business, so he knows not to schedule anything during that time. I also have his calendar shared with me so I know when he has important dates coming up so that I'm not scheduling important tasks or important classes or webinars during that time. It helps us stay on the same page and really reduces the stress of constantly battling each other for time.

Those are my three tips for you to manage your focus that are really simple and really easy to implement right away in your business. I hope that was really helpful for you and I'd love for you to leave a comment under this video and let me know how this is going to help you or if you have other time management tips I want to know, because we all want to be able to implement this stuff in our own businesses. Let me know what you think about this episode in the comments below and I'll see you ladies next week!

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