What is failure but simply proof that you're trying.

Today I’d like to talk to you about your fear of failure. Yes, I know you have it, most everyone does. I do. You do. Everyone does. So I want to give you three ways today that you can actually overcome that fear of failure with ease.

Now, I’m not saying that once you do these things you’ll never feel fear again because this is a daily thing. We go through this every day especially as mom entrepreneurs. We have a lot riding on our businesses so having a fear of failure is absolutely justified and normal. But there are ways we can overcome that fear and not allow it to paralyze us.

In today’s episode, I’m giving you three strategies that you can use to help overcome those fears, whether it's on a daily basis or just a few times a year.


Number one is to redefine what failure means to you. First of all, if you have failed in anything that means that you’ve tried. The only way you can fail is if you actually try right? Most people don't ever try to go after their dreams or take risks. But the only people who fail are the ones who are brave enough to actually try, so if you have failed, that means that you're moving forward, congratulations! You can learn from those failures and keep moving forward. When you redefine failure so that you don’t see it as a bad thing, failing doesn’t seem so scary.


Number two is to think about something that you can replace that fear with. Something that has a bigger consequence than the thing you fear. I'll give you an example: let's say you're in a 9-5 and you quit to pursue your dreams of being an entrepreneur. You might have a fear of failure in your business but your fear of going back to your 9-5 is bigger. The trick here is to identify what would happen, the consequence, of failing, and let that be your motivation to keep going.


Number three is to take action! When you take action and you prove to yourself that you can do things that you're afraid of, it is so powerful in eliminating your fear of failure. Something that I've been doing recently is writing in my I CAN & I DID file. I have a notebook where I put everything that I do or have accomplished that I was afraid of doing and I write that down in my file. When I look back through that notebook I feel instantly motivated and inspired to keep going.

Momma, if you’re trying and you're showing up every day and you're being consistent, that is enough. You are doing more than most people ever do in a lifetime. Your “failures” are part of the journey, every entrepreneur fails, but it's the ones who get back up that succeed. I want you to think about your failures today differently and redefine your failures as positive steps in the right direction.

If you're trying & you're showing up every day & being consistent, that is enough.

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