Who We Are

We're BizMomLife and our mission over the next 5 years is to help 5000 mompreneurs achieve:

  • a 20-hour or less work-week
  • at least one fully automated and profitable sales funnel
  • and a successful hire of at least one key team member

BizMomLife is, above all, a sisterhood, a community, where mompreneurs in all fields and industries come to gather, grow, and get support with:

  • Mastering your time and productivity between your business and your family
  • Automating all or pieces of your online sales & marketing so that you can spend more time on what really matters, and...
  • Outsourcing and delegating on any budget

Just Another Mommy-Blog? Not Quite...

I know, I know. The internet is overrun with mommy-blogs and it seems like there's a new mompreneur community popping up on Facebook every day.

But here's what makes BMF different than the rest...

In a sea of free Facebook groups and mompreneur associations, BizMomLife is unique because we keep the focus on the high-impact strategies that the big dawgs are using. We emphasize the importance of keeping and growing your money after you start making it, instead of simply finding your next client. We don't play the slow game, because frankly, we don't wanna miss the most important years of our children's lives posting on social media all day long. And we don't just teach theory and leave you to it...in other words...

We actually help you cut through the noise and implement!

Along our journey, we've been documenting everything we learn into how-to checklists and done-for-you templates so that we can streamline and automate our business.

Best of all, we make these checklists and templates available to our BizMomClub members, so if you're looking for the ULTIMATE SUCCESS SHORTCUT to growing your business with less overwhelm, click here to get it!

About the Mom behind the Movement

Hey Momma! I'm Niya, military wife, mom and Founder of the BizMom Brand and host of BizMomTV. I love being a mom and being an entrepreneur is in my blood. But can I be real for a minute? I was doing everything myself and frankly I got tired of it. In fact, I got resentful, angry and downright depressed.

Lemme back up a little bit. Before I got married, I was about as independent as they come. Living in downtown San Francisco with no other desires but to have a thriving business and to travel the world and eat delicious food. Seriously, that was it. That was the whole plan.

Then one day, my teenage crush came knocking on my door, and my entire world changed. We married a year later and I instantly became a wife and stepmom and just a few short months later became pregnant with a baby boy. I realized very quickly that while being an entrepreneur is tough, being a mom entrepreneur requires the kind of strength and courage you gotta dig really deep for. You gotta really really want it. If it's not your passion to be an entrepreneur and to be your own boss, then I'd say to you, wait until your kids are off to college before starting a business.

But if you're one of the many moms out there like me who have a deep desire to create a legacy for your children, make a difference for your family and for the world, and build the life of your dreams, not at some later time, not in retirement, but NOW, then my dear, you are in the right place.

After years of spinning my wheels and getting no where, I finally realized that what I and so many others are doing is simply creating jobs for ourselves! We quit our 9-5 and replace it with a 9-midnight, with no lunch breaks and no weekends off!

Mommas, a business is separate from you. It is it's own entity and it can and should function independently of you. When I realized this, I came back home and immediately started to redesign my business model. I no longer chased the next dollar in my business, but instead invested the time and effort to creating my business with the end in mind.

And that is what you'll learn here. We're creating freedom-based businesses. Ones that we enjoy, that fulfill our passions, that we don't need a vacation from. Ones that give us the freedom and flexibility we desire so that we can spend time with the families we love and pursue the endless possibilities our world has to offer.

I love the mom entrepreneur community. Women who are strong, passionate, fiercely dedicated to their dreams and their families and just don’t have “quit” in their vocabulary! Amazing women individually can make a difference, but when banded together, can rock the world! This is my community, and it’s yours too. It’s my mission to end mompreneurial mayhem and make sure you have what you need to succeed. No bizmom left behind!

Welcome to the Life!