Sometimes I feel like the worst mother in the world. I let my toddler watch cartoons when I need a break. I give him the iPad when I do my Facebook Lives just so I can get through it. The worst part though is that I struggle with knowing how to handle his tantrums without having a tantrum myself!

I’m fortunate that it’s my business to talk to mom entrepreneurs all day long. I know that I’m not the only one struggling and praying for a parenting manual. But I also know that there are countless moms out there who have no one to talk to. And worse yet, they feel like they’re going through this all alone.

While our moms, mother-in-laws and grandmas have our best interest at heart, sometimes their advice can seem a bit antiquated (oh hell, who are we kidding…it can be downright annoying!). I think we sometimes get the message that we’re just supposed to know how to parent. We’re just supposed to be amazing moms who figure it all out on our own just because we figured out how to push an 8lb baby out of our bodies with no epidural (that would be me!).

But here’s the wonderful thing: You don’t need to be an expert at parenting. And you sure as heck don’t need to figure it all out on your own.

My guest today on BizMomTV’s Momma Interviews is a parent AND a Parenting Coach. Not only does she have the skills and knowledge to help us all become better parents, but she also has the real-world experience to back it up.

Beth Greenawalt is a Parenting Coach and Founder of Parent-Solutions Parent Coaching. After an initial career in biomedical engineering, she developed her own business, Simple Solutions, specializing in home and small business organizing. Beth chose to transition to parent coaching in order to have a more profound positive impact on parents and families.

And profound is exactly what Beth delivers in this amazing interview with BizMomClub member Beth Greenawalt.

I’d love to know what takeaways you got from this interview and what one thing Beth mentions that you think you can implement right away. Leave a comment below and share your parenting stories with the rest of us.

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