I can still remember the day I got my first business license almost 9 years ago. I felt like I was on top of the world and that nothing could stop me now! I was certain that the business I was starting was my calling and that I was gonna be able to travel the world with all the money I was gonna make.

And now, 4 businesses, 6 figures, and lots of mistakes later, I can honestly say that all of it was necessary in order to bring me to where I am today.

It’s so rare that someone nails it on the first business. It took me almost a decade and probably 50 or so business ideas to finally come to one that I can say absolutely lights me up inside.

I’ve seen this be true of most entrepreneurs, including my guest today, Cailen Ascher of cailenascher.com. Cailen is a Clarity Coach for women entrepreneurs who want 3-day workweeks, 6-figure years and a clear plan for success on their terms.

Her free 3-day workweek guide is an absolute must if you desire more freedom and flexibility in your day. It’s one of the few downloads that I actually keep on my computer for practical advice and inspiration. I highly recommend it 🙂

Watch today’s episode of BizMomTV and let us know how your business has evolved over the years in the comments below!

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Niya Champaneria is The Freedom-Based Business Mentor for Mom Entrepreneurs. She's on a serious (and seriously fun!) mission to end mompreneurial mayhem and change the lives of mom entrepreneurs everywhere. Her goal is to help other moms become strong, influential and positive role models for our future generation by building financially secure businesses, leading healthy lifestyles, and raising our children to be honest, compassionate and responsible adults.

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