A few years ago I had the privilege of rubbing elbows with some of the most humble multi-millionaires on the planet at a mastermind event in Los Angeles. While I had hundreds of takeaways from that event, one ah-ha moment in particular completely changed the way I look at my future.

Not only were they teaching us how to build and grow a business, but they were also talking about building long term wealth. Now, at the time, I had no clue what long term wealth meant or that I needed to seriously think about it. All I was thinking about was my student debt and the bills that were waiting for me at home. Before then, I hadn’t given much thought to investing, saving, retirement, passive income, or anything of the sort. I thought I had years ahead of me to think about all of that.

After that event was over however, I realized how important it is to speak the language of money fluently. It’s not enough to have a bank account and know how to transfer $100 each month into your savings account. If you want to live worry-free in retirement, now is the time to get a financial education.

When I started the BizMomClub, I realized that other moms were also not thinking that far ahead, and so I made it a point to find a financial advisor or coach who could speak to my audience about money. I ran into Sue McQueen in one of my Facebook groups and I knew right away that she understood my vision for the BizMom brand.

Sue McQueen is a financial advisor and speaks “money” fluently! She’s now part of the BizMomCoaching Team and will be coaching our members on how to manage, save, and grow their money!

Today’s episode of Momma Interviews is one that I hope you’ll listen closely to. As you start to make money in your business, you’re going to want to fully understand how to now manage that money and put it to work for you. Sue is a single grandmother and what I love about her is that she’s a few steps ahead of the rest of us! Meaning, she’s been there and done that and is the perfect guide to help us live financially free!

After you watch the episode, leave a comment below and let us know what your biggest fears are when it comes to your future and retirement. Your comment might just light a fire under someone else who wants to learn to better manage their money!

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Niya Champaneria is The Freedom-Based Business Mentor for Mom Entrepreneurs. She's on a serious (and seriously fun!) mission to end mompreneurial mayhem and change the lives of mom entrepreneurs everywhere. Her goal is to help other moms become strong, influential and positive role models for our future generation by building financially secure businesses, leading healthy lifestyles, and raising our children to be honest, compassionate and responsible adults.

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