Reserved for the entrepreneurs with gobs of money, right?

Wrong! I’ve been outsourcing for years now, even when I was barely making any money. It really wasn’t because I was lazy (ok maybe I’m a little lazy!), it was more out of necessity. I was tapped out! I just couldn’t do everything by myself anymore. Something had to give.

As the CEO of my business, I know that doing everything myself is entrepreneurial suicide. Whenever I get stuck in that, “Oh I can probably just figure this out and do it myself instead of spending money on hiring someone” mode, I quickly kick myself in the pants and remember that this is exactly the type of thinking that keeps business owners small and struggling for years.

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In today’s episode of BizMomTV, I share the one little question you can ask yourself that will quickly give you an answer as to what you should outsource first. It’s probably not what you think and I guarantee it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think either.

Let me know what you think of today’s episode and what you want to outsource first in the comments below!

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Niya Champaneria is The Freedom-Based Business Mentor for Mom Entrepreneurs. She's on a serious (and seriously fun!) mission to end mompreneurial mayhem and change the lives of mom entrepreneurs everywhere. Her goal is to help other moms become strong, influential and positive role models for our future generation by building financially secure businesses, leading healthy lifestyles, and raising our children to be honest, compassionate and responsible adults.

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Kerryn Hewson - February 1, 2017 Reply

I am SO ready to outsource housekeeping! And cleaning in particular. I hate it and always feel like it’s taking me away from my family and business which are way more important.

I also took the ‘what do I hate the most’ approach when I outsourced my first business tasks when I hired a VA to format and publish my blog posts. It’s so much more fun to write the content and then hand it off for formatting and publishing. Love it!

    Niya Champaneria - February 1, 2017 Reply

    Hey Kerryn! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 Yup, I agree, cleaning is such a CHORE for me too! Great point with taking this approach to your business tasks as well. It’s usually the tasks we hate doing the most that never get done! It’s worth it to outsource!

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