My morning routine sets the tone for my super awesome day.

This year has been a bit tough as I’ve gotten sick quite a bit. Despite being out for weeks at a time, I’ve still been able to get loads of work done and still be done with my workday by noon. I've been getting asked by my community how I’ve been able to still get work done and bring in income even though I’ve been out sick. So I wanted to go ahead and give you a rundown of how my morning looks and what I do that sets me up for having a killer day every day.


I'm usually up around 6 or 7 and the first thing I do is I get my coffee brewing. I drink black coffee, no cream or sugar, and while that's brewing I do a little bit of meditation. I do some deep breathing to connect with the Universe and connect with myself. I take that very seriously and never miss it. Because I do that while my coffee is brewing, it's obviously not this long drawn out session. I'm starting small.


Then while I'm drinking my coffee I say my I AM statements. I am a big believer in I AM statements.I am beautiful. I am strong. I am courageous. I am confident. I am enough. I say it out loud and I say it with conviction.

I am beautiful, strong, courageous, confident. Say it out loud & with conviction!

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And then I take a moment to write in my I CAN AND I DID journal. This journal is where I write things down that I accomplished. It's my proof that I can do things even though I may be afraid or I might be feeling less than adequate in that area. I often do things that I'm not fully confident about and I want to put that in a journal so that I can look back on it and say “wow you know what, I CAN do whatever I put my mind to”.


Then I do a 10-20 minute intense workout. Gotta keep up with a 2 year old! I do that six days a week. If you're interested in my home workouts, you're gonna wanna get yourself on the VIP List for my brand new program - BizMomFIT - the Beta is set to open up this Summer!


Then I do 30-45 minutes of personal development. I take a lot of online courses and I'm in a couple of mastermind groups and I make sure to spend time actually going through them, learning and expanding my mind and actually writing things down that I need to implement. I drink my green juice while I'm doing this (recipe in the Resources section below!).


Then I finally sit down and I do about two hours of content creation or networking and outreach. I also do a quick “Social20”. I'm not big on spending a ton of time on social media. I believe in using my time very wisely so I limit my time on social media to 20 minutes in the morning and then again in the evening. In those 20 minutes I do very strategic things on social media so that I'm not getting lost. And then I shower and I'm done for the day. That doesn't mean that I don't ever work afternoons or sometimes work long hours. I do! It just depends on what’s going on in my promotional calendar or what my kids have going on that day.

I’d love to know what you do in the morning and whether or not you have a routine that fires you up! Leave a comment below and share the details Momma!

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

>> BizMomFIT Beta Coming in Summer 2017 - get on VIP List!

>> Green Juice Recipe

> Half a bunch of kale

> 5 celery stalks

> Half of a peeled large lemon

> 1 small apple

> 1 inch peeled ginger root

> Half a cucumber

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