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Building a business while raising kids? Lemme show you how to succeed without the sacrifice...in just 15 minutes!


BizMomLife is a community and set of strategies for the world's most dedicated mom entrepreneurs. If you're looking to get to the 6-figure mark without the sacrifice, then BizMomLife is designed for you.


 Through our powerful training programs, supportive community and monthly events, we help mom entrepreneurs transition from trading dollars for hours to creating a more leveraged business model, automate their marketing & outsource on any budget.


We offer all the training, resources & community that a mom entrepreneur needs to create at least one profitable, automated sales funnel in their business, without the hustle of launches or low-impact marketing strategies.


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Our vision is to create a global community for moms who dream big, work hard & are passionate enough to make an impact on their families and just crazy enough to believe they can change the world.

 We believe when mom succeeds, the family succeeds, which can change a community & ultimately the world. Be the mom you most want to be and the entrepreneur you had no idea you could become.

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"Niya is the voice and example I needed..."

"Before joining the BizMomClub, I was feeling a little alone in building my stay-at-home mompreneur empire. Now, I feel way more supported with practical tools I now use in my business to attract clients and biz partners. Niya is the voice and example I needed...a successful mompreneur that understands as moms we can't just hustle in our business because we must balance family and biz. She has helped ease my frustration with not being able to do everything all the time and she has shown me ways to simplify my business and still get results. I would recommend the BizMomClub if you want to be in a community of mompreneurs who are truly committed to total success, not just business success."

"I feel like I'm part of a community..."

"Before joining the BizMomClub, I was feeling completely overwhelmed and alone trying to balance being a mom and running my business. After joining, I feel like I'm a part of a community that provides support and encouragement for one another. What I love most is being around other moms just like me who are rocking it in their business and raising a family. Niya is awesome and supportive. I would recommend the BizMomClub if you want other like-minded moms and to be a part of a community that will help you grow both personally and professionally!"

Monique Renee - Founder

"The feedback I've received from the group has been extremely helpful..."

"So far my experience with BizMomClub has been phenomenal! The level of women this group is attracting is powerful and inspiring. Each one-on-one connection I have made has proven to be fruitful on both ends. The feedback I have received from the group has been extremely helpful. Knowing that I have so many women to support me at any time is reassuring. The group has given me a platform to both give and receive within a community I am part of and passionate about."

Crissy Keye Rollins - Founder

"Niya really cares about her members...."

"I feel totally connected and supported by a tribe of mompreneurs who are like me and want to build a business that serves them, their family and contributes to the world. What I love most is Niya is so knowledgeable, responsive, direct, and encouraging. Niya is such a great inspiration for mom entrepreneurs. She's smart, fun, and really good at modeling what a mom entrepreneur is capable of accomplishing. She really cares about her members and right there when you need her expertise and advice. She's top-notch and really smart! The community is so supportive and inspiring! It's so powerful to be a part of this amazing group of talented female entrepreneurs!"