What if I told you that you only need to promote your free lead magnet every day in order to succeed?

Today I want to talk to you about the Lead Magnet Strategy. Last week I talked about how to manage your focus and your priorities so that you’re not overwhelmed and buried in busy work and instead are having a productive day every day. So today, I want to talk to you about the Lead Magnet Strategy and how that can be your revenue generating activity.

So for me, I've built my business in a way that all I have to do every day is promote my lead magnet. That's it, I don't have to sell, I don't have to constantly call people and do sales calls or any of that stuff. I know that if I can get people to download my free lead magnet, then they get automatically put into my sales funnel, which does the selling for me. So I want you to think about ways that you can create an amazing lead magnet for your business. It's got to be something that people really want and is considered very valuable. These days a simple checklist can be valuable but it's been done a lot.

So instead, I want you to think of something that is super super helpful for your target market. Now maybe a checklist is amazingly valuable for your target market, it just depends on who you're working with. I want you to think about your business in a way that just simply delivers value constantly. That's all you have to worry about every single day. Am I delivering value? Am I giving away some of my best stuff? When you have a solid sales funnel in place, you actually don't have to do the selling. Your sales pages do the selling for you, your upsell pages do the selling for you, your automated emails do the selling for you, your content marketing does the selling for you. All you have to do every single day is promote your lead magnet in as many ways as you want anywhere and everywhere. Shout it from the rooftops if you have a great lead magnet and a great solid sales funnel in the process all you have to do every day is focus on that one revenue generating activity, which is promote your lead magnet!

Promoting your lead magnet gets people into your sales funnel. So I was talking about revenue generating activities last week and I got a lot of response with people saying “well what is a revenue generating activity and how many revenue generating activities are there?” Well, what if your only revenue generating activity was to promote your lead magnet? Would that make business easier for you?

There are a lot of ways to get people to opt in for your lead magnet that you could be doing. One of your revenue generating activities might be to book interviews. Get interviewed in as many places as possible in places that have your target market. Podcasts or Facebook Groups where you can do a Facebook Live are some ideas. Look for places where your target market hangs out and get interviewed on that platform. All you have to do at the end of your episode of is promote your lead magnet. If you prefer to speak in person, maybe you can book live workshops as your revenue generating activity.

Most people don't want to be sold to especially not constantly, right? I know some coaches who are constantly coming up with new products every month or a new program or new service and every email is hey guess what I've got this new program go buy it! I’m already being sold to by hundreds of other people in my Facebook feed and my e-mail all day every day, aren’t you? So if you are the only one in your industry simply offering free value and nothing else, people are going to want what you have to sell naturally. So I want you to constantly be thinking of ways that you can promote your lead magnet.

You'll notice that the BizMomLife Facebook Page header promotes my main lead magnet and so does the Learn More button. I often have a pinned post that promotes my lead magnet both on Facebook and Twitter. My Twitter profile also promotes my lead magnet and so does my Twitter header image. My Instagram description promotes my lead magnet and so does my Pinterest description. The main image the BizMomLife website promotes the lead magnet and in fact, you can't actually buy anything on my website. That's because all I want to do is give away this free amazing thing and get people to interact with me and trust me and get this relationship going and then sell them on the backend right for more stuff that would be really valuable to them.

So now, you can rest easy knowing that you can build your business with only one revenue generating activity, and that is to promote your lead magnet. This is a strategy that I teach inside the BizMomClub as well as BizMomAcademy which is coming out soon depending on when you're watching this. Click the link in the resources below to either get on the waiting list for BizMomAcademy or to actually come in and join.

Thank you so much for watching this episode and I hope those tips were valuable to you! Remember, giving away free value will really set you apart and put you on the map. Be sure to comment on this video and let me know what you think about the Lead Magnet Strategy or if you have questions feel free to ask I'm an open book! You can also come into our Free Facebook Group where we talk about nothing but simplifying and succeeding without the sacrifice!

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