Think you can't have it all? Think again...

With so many things that come across a mompreneur's plate on a daily basis, it's no wonder we feel overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated. How many times have you asked yourself if you can actually build a successful business and still be the mom you want to be? This notion that we have to choose between one or the other isn't necessarily true....IF we choose the right business model.

It's so important that we focus on making our businesses work for us as opposed to us constantly working for our business. If we're working for our business, well, then that's a job! We're not here to create a job for ourselves, we're here to create a business that gives us the freedom and flexibility that we need so that we can enjoy our lives and these precious years that our kids are still young.

Something that one of the BizMomClub members sent me a little while ago sparked a thought that I wanted to share. She sent me a photo of a mug that had the words "eat, breastfeed, sleep, repeat" on it, and the word sleep was crossed out. Doesn't that sum up our mom-lives perfectly? Even if you aren't nursing anymore, I know you can relate to the sometimes monotonous, sometimes unpredictable mom-life that we all experience.

This is how it is. Some moms may have it a bit more "together' than others, but these years when our kids are young, is one crazy blur, and if we keep trying to fit our mom-life into our businesses, we're going to miss the most wonderful years of our kids' lives.

You're doing all the things a mom does, why not make money while you do it? Why not make money passively while you do your "mom-thing" so that you can breathe a bit easier? On today's episode of BizMomTV, I talk about why passive income is so important for YOU:

I'm not saying that you need to completely change your business model, maybe just some elements of it, but not the whole thing. If you love 1:1 coaching, then by all means, keep doing it. However, that doesn't mean that you can't still create one or multiple streams of passive income to get you by when your kids get sick and you have to cancel your client appointments.

So, I want you to think about how you can now look at your business in a different way and think "how can I have my business fit into my life" as opposed to "how can I fit my kids and my family around my business?'

Don't ask "how can I fit my family around my business". Instead, ask "how can I fit my business into my mom-life.

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Creating passive income requires that you put in the work to create a solid foundation for your business first. Automating something that you don't know will work yet is just plain useless. To help you understand this process and create your own passive income system, I'm creating a new course called The 30-Day Passive Income System: Create Your First Passive Income Stream in Just 30 Days. In this course, I walk you through one daily step at a time that will leave you with a completed passive income system by the end of the course. I'd love to introduce you to it, so if you're interested in living a freedom-based lifestyle, add yourself to the waiting list for the course! It's being released at $100 off on April 18th. Be the first to get an invitation before we open the course up to the public at full price! 

Leave a comment below and let me know where you think you can start leveraging your time and creating passive income in your business. Not sure? If you have questions bring 'em on! I'd love to help you with it!

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Niya Champaneria is The Freedom-Based Business Mentor for Mom Entrepreneurs. She's on a serious (and seriously fun!) mission to end mompreneurial mayhem and change the lives of mom entrepreneurs everywhere. Her goal is to help other moms become strong, influential and positive role models for our future generation by building financially secure businesses, leading healthy lifestyles, and raising our children to be honest, compassionate and responsible adults.

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