Is content marketing part of your lead generation strategy for Quarter 2? It should be...

Can you believe Quarter 2 is right around the corner? I can hardly believe it myself! The BizMomClub members and I just wrapped up our BizMom Quarterly Planathon where we use a very strategic process to map out our next quarter in a way that ensures we stay on track. That's always super fun...I LOVE quarterly planning!

So how you are preparing for the next quarter and particularly, how are you preparing to maximize your lead generation efforts? Often times when we think about lead generation we think about lead magnets or opt in forms and landing pages. But, think about it for a minute. How often do you eagerly go to someone's website to check out their opt in form, or their new freebie? Most likely, you head over to a website to check out a new blog post or video like this one, or perhaps it's a podcast episode.

Most often, the first thing that you're going to do there is consume their free content, which is why when you think "lead generation", you should first be thinking about your content strategy. Your content strategy is what you use to display your expertise, to share your knowledge, and to help your audience with whatever it is they're struggling with. It could be in the form of blog posts, videos or podcast episodes. 

When you think of lead generation, you should first be thinking of your content marketing strategy.

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So you may already have a blog or podcast, but maybe you struggle with trying to come up with topics. Or maybe you struggle with getting those topics to actually convert traffic into subscribers. So, I want to share a super simple strategy for not only coming up with topics to talk about, but also topics that strategically move your readers into your sales funnels. Because let's face it, we're all business owners here, the goal of our content is to convert traffic into subscribers, and subscribers into customers.

So the strategy goes a little something like this:

You have an offer. Maybe it's your premium offer or a signature course. In that premium offer, you have several topics and subtopics. You created that premium offer because your market is obviously interested in those topics. All you have to do is write down all of those topics in a list, and for each topic, come up with 10-20 different ways to present that same topic.

For example, in our flagship program BizMomAcademy (coming soon), we have four main modules and several lessons. One of the modules is about narrowing down your niche. So, content ideas for that topic could look like this:

1. How to pick a micro-niche

2. The Ideal Client Checklist

3. Why it took me over a year to find my niche and how I did it

4. Interview with target market expert "so and so"

5. Why I believe you shouldn't pick a target market and what you should do instead

6. How "client x" narrowed her niche after taking my program

7. The 3-Part Find Your Niche Blog Series

8. The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Niche

You get the idea. That's just one small topic in a much larger premium offer. Let's say I have 10 topics and break them down into 20 different content types. That's 200 possible blog topics. And let's just say you blog once a week - 200 blog topics would give you content for a little over 2 years!!

The best part is, all of those blog topics are 100% in alignment with your offers, so it would only make sense for your reader to naturally want to ascend through your sales funnel. This ensures that your content marketing strategy is actually a strategy as opposed to just blogging about whatever you feel like blogging about that week.

Using this simple strategy, you don't have to continuously think about what to write about every week. Start thinking about planning for Quarter 2 and think about how you can start putting your content into a real neat strategy that makes sense for your prospects. 

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