Let your Facebook Photo Album do the selling for you? It's easier than you think!

If I asked you what you sell in your business, would you tell me about your products, programs and services? I'd like to talk to you today about what it is you are ACTUALLY selling, and how you can use your Facebook Photo Album to sell it.


It doesn't matter what your selling - products, programs or services, you're really only selling one thing. Everybody, every business owner, every entrepreneur - you're just selling one thing and one thing only - and that is transformation. People pay for the transformation that your products, programs and services provide. It's the lifestyle that they're after right? It's really that transformation from a lifestyle that they have now to the lifestyle that they actually want.

People pay not for your products, programs & services, but for the transformation they provide.

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So I want to give you a quick and easy way to sell this transformation without actually selling. I just kind of stumbled across this but I realized that this has been something I really haven't been doing and it's been a big mistake in my business. I recently stopped resisting Instagram because up until now, I've never really understood the draw of it. I didn't really understand why it was working so well for people until I started thinking about the transformation that people are buying. On Instagram you have people who are posting pictures of their lifestyle, yes? A lot of business owners are using Instagram to their advantage because they can bring their prospects into their life. Maybe they have a laptop lifestyle, maybe they have a weight loss business and they're working out, they can show these wonderful pictures on Instagram. That's why Instagram works so well!  

So Instagram is wonderful but I want to tell you about another little way you can do that super easy on Facebook! Check out today's video for all the deets on this cool little Facebook Photo Album strategy! 


Remember that most of your audience doesn't want to be sold to, at least not immediately. Everyone is simply looking for a solution to whatever problem they're currently having. The best way to SHOW that you have that solution, is by using yourself or your current clients as living examples.

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