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3 Steps to a 3-Day Work-Week

...that'll give you all the time you need to grow your business & still have time for your kids!

Are you juggling school schedules, client appointments, posting on social media, changing diapers, dishes and [fill in the blank with 50 other things]? Ahh #bizmomlife! By the time you're finished with this FREE 3-Part Mini-Class, you'll have a fully mapped out weekly schedule that works perfectly with your mompreneur lifestyle!

Here's what's inside...

Part 1

The 3 Magic Questions

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Learn the 3 magic questions that when answered on a daily basis, practically guarantee that you're always on track and working towards what's important.

Part 2

3 Steps to A 3-Day Work-Week

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Architect and optimize your work-week by modeling our simple 3-step strategy for crafting your ideal 3-day work-week that works perfectly for you!

Part 3

Get Stuff Done w/out Doing it Yourself

Why do everything yourself?BizMomLife CEO, Niya Champaneria walks through 5 examples of how to get support on any budget.

Meet Your Instructor

Niya is the Founder of BizMomLife and host of BizMomTV.

She's a military wife with a two year old who barely sleeps and has built 4 businesses from the ground up.

After struggling with her own time management and nearly quitting on her dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, Niya decided to model the systems and strategies of 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses and now brings her high-level mastermind experiences to overwhelmed, solo mompreneurs all over the world.

Niya works 3 days a week, 4 hours a day & enjoys lots of time "not sleeping" with her son.​