Tired of hearing your leads say, "I'm totally interested, can I think about it?"

You’re talking to an interested prospect. They’re totally intrigued by what you have to offer. Something comes up and they tell you they’ll totally sign up in a couple of days. And then, you never hear from them again. Sound familiar?

In today’s episode of BizMomTV, I’m sharing some tips on how to get your interested prospects to buy from you right NOW. It’s called Urgency Marketing and it plays into our own human nature and fear of missing out.

Urgency marketing plays into our own human nature and fear of missing out.

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A great example of this in action is free breakfast. I was in Los Angeles for a funeral recently and me and my husband stayed at the Extended Stay America. We love that chain of hotels because they have a full kitchen. We’re kind of picky with our food, we eat really healthy and plus we have our toddler with us so we want to make sure that we have some food for him as well at any time. So I usually pick hotels that have free breakfast included so just in case we don't want to get up super early, get ready and go somewhere, then at least the hotel has breakfast for us right on site.

The deal is however, that their breakfast was only being served from six to nine in the morning! I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually wake up early when I’m away from home staying at a hotel, unless I absolutely have to. So what do you think I did? I got up early anyway, put some jeans on and went downstairs cuz there was no way I was going to miss my free breakfast! That's an example of urgency at its finest. It forced me to take action and get out of bed. put my hair up in a bun and get downstairs and get some breakfast.

You can use that same concept in your business to grow your sales and in today’s video, I talk about three ways that you can add urgency to your offers.


You can close the cart for your offer and have it be completely off the table after a deadline. If something is only available for a limited time, people tend to want it now instead of having to wait months or even a year for the opportunity to get it again. In today’s video, I give some examples of celebrity marketers who are doing this really well. Now those of you who know me or are familiar with BizMomLife know that I'm not a big fan of launching. It’s stressful and time consuming. So how do you still add urgency if you don't want to launch? The cool thing is there are a lot of really amazing automation tools out there now where you don't actually have to do full blown launches. You can automate your entire launch so that you're not constantly having to do this full out stressful launch. If my kids get sick during a launch forget the launch right? And that's no good for business! So you can add countdown timers and you can expire pages so it will end automatically.


The second way that you can add urgency to your offers is by offering a limited time discount. Recently, I bought some software and the discount was only available for the next three hours and right after that three hours the price was going to go up one hundred dollars. And I was like “oh my God I can get the same software for one hundred dollars cheaper if I buy within the next three hours??” So, of course, I bought right way. People tend to procrastinate, it’s just human nature, especially if something happens and the kids run into the room or the kids are screaming for you downstairs. Then you leave and you never end up buying. Adding that sense of urgency makes people take action. Most people would rather get something at a discount than full price. Who wouldn’t?


The third way to add urgency to your offer is to have limited spots available or limited quantities of your offer. So, you could say you are only offering ten spots and there are only two spots left. Here's the thing though - it's got to be real urgency. Don't fake it.

So adding urgency to your offers and to your business in general is really good practice because it will absolutely grow your sales. People don't want to miss out so give them the opportunity to take action NOW. Some people just need a little bit of a nudge and just need a reason to buy now.

This stuff works.

After you watch today’s episode of BizMomTV, leave a comment below with any questions you have about urgency marketing or any tactics you’d like to add to this list. And as always, you can come by our FREE Facebook Community - Simple Success for Mom Entrepreneurs and ask your questions there as well.

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