Your island paradise is whatever you want it to be...but what DO you want it be?

My island paradise...the place I want to "end up"...the goal I'm working towards...just happens to actually be an island! I'd love to live off the coast of Belize or the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Anywhere with beautiful weather, palm trees and ocean views. That's one of my "why's". But not everyone's island paradise looks the same.

Maybe your "island paradise" is in the heart of bustling New York City! Whatever it is, wherever it is, it doesn't matter unless you DEFINE IT. Watch today's episode to discover why clearly defining YOUR island paradise is absolutely necessary if you ever wanna get there!

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Niya Champaneria is The Freedom-Based Business Mentor for Mom Entrepreneurs. She's on a serious (and seriously fun!) mission to end mompreneurial mayhem and change the lives of mom entrepreneurs everywhere. Her goal is to help other moms become strong, influential and positive role models for our future generation by building financially secure businesses, leading healthy lifestyles, and raising our children to be honest, compassionate and responsible adults.

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